Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Current: Denver, Colorado, USA
Previous: Shanghai, China 上海市中国


Native: English
Advanced (spoken & written): Mandarin Chinese 中文


If I had to guess, growing up as the son of a mechanic and aspiring artist - this set me on my creative path. From a very early age, I was tearing apart anything and everything that I could get my hands on. This sparked my passion and curiosity for learning how and why things worked in the world around me. It's my identity and it's made me who I am today. I am very thankful for that. 

I’ve done many things including being a machinist, photographer, snowboard maker/engineer, graphic designer, web designer, and most recently a user experience designer and product manager. All of which contain a common thread; creating. Yes, it's a hodgepodge of experiences but I wouldn't have it any other way. Each has given me a gift of thinking differently and approaching a problem from a different viewpoint. Each required a different work ethic and when pulled together, bring a unique creativity to the problems I'm solving.

I have been able to travel the world, allowing me to meet new people, study design, which most importantly has lead me to fostering empathy and understanding with those around me. This has instilled a sense of mission in myself and given me the drive to move forward in my career. Combined with my varied background brings a unique position to solving people problems by uniting different approaches, industries and knowledge to create innovative human-centered solutions. 

Currently I'm working at Pivothead Wearable Imaging , helping change the way individuals and companies alike share the world around them and change the way they communicate. 

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