A study in headphone deconstruction

Disassemble - A study in headphone deconstruction

Living in China provided many opprotunities, including coming upon a large number of Skullcandy headphones. Growing up as a kid I can remember taking apart radios that once belonged to school busses. I have fond memoreis of sitting at a work bench, screw driver in hand, figuring out how each piece was linked together and how I could get every last bit apart. Years later I immersed myself in photography and obtained a formal education in the subject. A combination of these two processes naturally came together.

In some sense this project is a reflection of myself. Curious, organized, clean and purposeful. In other respects, it's just a bunch of cheap comsumer projects torn apart and photographed.

Skullcandy TI Pink
Skullcandy SK Pro
Skullcandy Rasta TI Gold
Skullcandy Crusher Blue
Skullcandy Titan Red
Skullcandy Lowrider Green
Skullcandy Titan Pink
Skullcandy Smokin Buds Pink
Skullcandy Lowrider Native
Skullcandy Smokin Buds
Skullcandy Over the ear 2
Skullcandy Over the Ear
Skullcandy GI Rasta
Skullcandy Inkd
Skullcandy Icon
Skullcandy Hesh
Skullcandy Double Agent
Skullcandy CMYK

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